Seeeduino Clio feedback

Hey Seeed,

As you can read in my blog post/review of the seeeduino Clio board, I had some questions/feedback…

  • If you would clean off the flux from the manual soldering of the usb jack and battery socket, the board would look even better!
  • How did you get this board working? The wiki seems to be lacking information. In my post, I mention that I had to modify the .inf file for the board to work on my Windows computer.


hi Phalox, thanks for your suggestion!!

yes, clio have its only driver and bootloader, you have to do step by step flowing the wiki, and I can sure you that all the operation is once, you have not to do this every time you use a clio~

any more question, please feel free to contract us~



That is exactly what I did… But if you have a look at … stallation
You will notice that there is missing information!!


woo~ i see, the wiki was not detalied enough…

maybe the wiki was not finished, strange things~ :unamused:

if you are using a windows computer, maybe I can help you now~ as for mac, I am not familiar :cry:

I already got it working, please chek my blog … lio-board/. I am using a windows system.
I was simply placing this comment here to remind you that the wiki was not complete…


thanks Phalox~ :smiley:

you are really a smart girl~

May I inform you that I’m a guy :smiley: just to be clear on that :smiley:

are you kidding!!!

hey I am sorry for that~

I just found a girl in you blog~ :cry:

well, but your blog was nice, maybe I should inform the guy who write the wiki to visit it~