Seeeduino and Seeeduino Cloud USB power bank

Really love to power up my Seeeduino and Seeeduino Cloud by portable PowerBank.

The spec of my USB PowerBank is:

10000mAh 3.85V ( 38.5Wh )

input 5.0V2.0A 9V/12V18W

output 5.1V2.0A 9V/12V12W

for this spec, it is safe to power up my boards? for long operation hrs (1 months) also safe?

If I use other PowerBank with 2.4A output, also safe?



Hi Ivan, For the current and voltage, both of them works with seeeduino. For the operation time, the power consumption depends on the sensors as well. We suggest use <LINK_TEXT text=“ … -1925.html”></LINK_TEXT> to detect the power consumption. thanks.

Seeed techsupport team