Seeeduino ADK main Board Troubleshooting

here is the post i made on your facebook wall :

Hi seed-studio
I encountered some problem with my new Seeeduino ADK … I tried it yesterday and it worked just fine. But today, i changed of computer, after installing the adk board … But when i want to upload some sketch, the TX/RX leds still bright on continuously
Any suggestions ?

There is no problem about the sketch because it’s an “official arduino exemple” .
it’s neither hardware trouble because i just plug µUSB to my computer (after switching power to 5V) and try to make the “blink led”'s sketch work again on the new computer …

but i don’t see why changing of computer would blow up the board …

So, could you tell me any way to fixe this quickly ?

( tried this :,53674.0.html
but nothing changed … )

Does the ADK board can upload sketch with the first computer after plug in second computer?
Bad USB connection(D+/D-) may cause the RX and TX LEDs keep lighting.
Please change a cable and bend a bit the micro USB connector on ADK.