Seeeduino ADK Main Board - problem with ADK mode connection

I bought Seeeduino ADK Main Board and it not connecting with my Android device in ADK mode! Ainol Aurora Android 4.0.4 with CyanogenMod 9 (files and XML is present). I use example from google: ADK_release_20120606 Compile in Arduino and Eclipse without problem.
In logcat I see: mAccessory is null
When I connect my Arduino board with Android Tablet in Port Monitor (Arduino IDE) i see:

But in Android Tablet DemoKit application I see text: Please connect a DemoKit board. but nothing happens when I plug it in.

I try use Google API 12 and 15 version, but this take no effect. Error: mAccessory is null

At the time, in MicroBridge mode (I use example MicroBridge-ModifiedForSeeeduinoADK) seeeduino and android tablet work fine.

As far as I know not all devices working in ADK ( Even it’s using jellybean ROM ) ;