Seeeduino ADK Board

Hi all,

I just picked up a Seeeduino ADK board and I believe I have everything running properly but I can’t get my phone and ADK board to talk to each other. I’m trying to use the Google-provided DemoKit app and Arduino sketch to test initial communication. While I don’t have an the ADK shield, I figure I can at least find out if the initial handshake works

I’ve been working with Arduinos for several months now, so I have not doubts that the sketch is loaded properly on the ADK board. I’m new to the phone programming side though, so it took me a little while to get Eclipse configured properly with the Android SDK, but I finally got everything loaded up to my test phones properly there. Now, I’m using a G1 and a Vibrant to test, but they’re both running (non-stock) 2.3.4 ROMs that should have support for Accessory Mode.

Unfortunately, when I plug either one into the ADK board nothing happens except that their batteries start to charge.

I haven’t actually been able to find anyone else’s experiences with this product at all, either positive or negative. Has anyone else seen this or something similar happen? Ideally I’m looking for some kind of diagnostic I can go through to figure out if both the phone and the USB-host component of the board are behaving as they should.

Looks like the DemoKit sketch doesn’t like being run without the joystick present.

Once I commented the joystick init (line 117) I was able to move forward. That line looks like:
init_joystick( 5 );

So it had compiled and ran fine, but it looked like it was getting snagged at that spot. Commenting the line did the trick.

Now I’m on to woes of getting accessory mode working on my phone. CyanogenMod looks like it doesn’t have the ADK support that I thought it did.

Anyway, I’d still love to hear anyone else’s experiences. And I’ll be sure to report back here if I come up with any developments on the Seeeduino ADK side of things.