Seeeduino ADK Board and Circuits@Home USB Host 2.0


I have a Seeeduino ADK board. When I use the Android ADK firmware which consists of USB_Host_Shield and AndroidAccessory I can compile a sketch and an Android App that will complete the handshake but then won’t exchange data.

I tried updating to Circuit@Home’s version of USB_Host_Shield_2.0 library so that I could try out his demo code but I get: “OSCOKIRQ failed to assert” when calling Usb.Init().

This makes me wonder - is the Seeeduino ADK board compatible with the Circuits@Home USB Host 2.0 library? Or are there changes required?

Here’s a link to that library: … 0-released

I’m going to go back to the Android ADK firmware version of USB_Host_Shield and see if I can’t get that working.

Any help or pointers will be greatly received!

Please contact qc(at) to get a replacement.
We want fully test it, and get why it failed after we test and package it.


Order #37797 05 November, 2011
I bought Seeeduino ADK board v1.0 but I came across the same problem
USB Host it does not work, Do you help me ?