Seeeduino 328 v2.2 power connector pinout

I purchased the Seeeduino 328 v2.2 for evaluation versus the Arduino Duemilanova board. I really like the Seeeduino’s power switch feature, side mounted reset switch, mini-B usb connector, and would like the JST connector. However it appears the JST power connector is wired with the opposite polarity of cables and batteries available from several significant suppliers such as Pololu and Sparkfun. Am I wrong? I was looking to purchase boards for student projects and I’m concerned that if they buy batteries or other power cables from these suppliers they will have a bad experience.


We are sorry for this problem.
Yes, the JST power connector is opposite polarity to most JST connector.
but you can find the cable here: … Path=79_83 … Path=79_83