Seeeduino 2.8" TFT

Yet another question about the 2.8" TFT. I’ve got the screen working quite well (Displaying a circular gauge at the moment), however I am wondering if it is possible to PWM the backlight? It is a bit bright for my application. and I’d rather not have to go buy another one, which advertises backlight control. Thanks,

On a side note, I made a useful function:

unsigned int fromRgb(unsigned char r,unsigned char g, unsigned char b)
return ((map(r,0,0xFF,0,0x1F) & 0x1F) << 11) + ((map(g,0,0xFF,0,0x3F) & 0x3F) << 5) + (map(b,0,0xFF,0,0x1F) & 0x1F);

converts 255,255,255 values from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF for the 2.8" TFT’s functions that accept color. Obviously you won’t get full 65535 resolution, but it makes making colors much easier.

I also have sun screen how can you get so variables measured value on the screen printing? I have mega

I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean? Does this have something to do with the backlight control? I am not using an arduino mega, I’m using an Uno.

Hi ,
The TFT can not control backlight at present version .If you want to control it , you need to change the circuit , you can refer to the schematic of eagle files , the backlight control is connected to 3.3v . You need to find a method to change the backlight voltage .


Alright that’s what I needed to know, I’ll go buy a different one. Thanks.