Seeedstudio sent me wrong item for my money!!!

I’ve ordered one stalker and one music shield. All I’ve got in more than ten days after are one stalker and one bee shield. Just a plain mistake? I’ve made several request regarding the shipping today. No answer has been heard from Seeedstudio. What happened? What happens? What’s happening? I have no idea.

Sorry to hear that! We are back from vacation already, please contact us via this page, our customer service will handle your issues ASAP.


I can only imagine the elaborate parties that Chinese New Year must elicit. It seems the whole nation takes a week off. Please post when you get your music shield! I have had my Music Shield v1.13 for around a month and I cannot get mine to function on a Duemilanove and have tried tons of variables. Replies from this forum seem to take much longer than expected. I have had better luck with other home grown projects than trying to get even the “demo” code for the music shield to even compile. If I were you I would try to get the code to work well before you get the hardware because responses are like molasses. I can’t seem to get any responses to my queries and blindly assumed the manufacturer would have source code for hardware they sell. If you have better luck please respond and enlighten me as to your setup and I will try to duplicate your results before I sell or destroy my Music Shield.
I have a Genuine Ardiuino Duemilanove w/ ATMega368 on a Windows XP machine running Arduino 18, 21, and 22.