Seeedstudio SD card shiled/Seeeduino Mega

I have searched this site and the internet for any manual, tutorial, etc. for using the Seeedstudio SD card shield with the Seeeduino Mega. If there is such a site, please advise. If not, I would appreciate some basics:

  1. Pin outs
  2. Switch options
  3. Sample code
  4. Library (or references thereto)

Obviously, any more detailed documentation would be greatly appreciated.


if you use a Seeeduino with SD card shield , that there are some library for it , because the SD care shield use the Seeeduino hardware SPI interface . but the Mega’s pin 10 11 12 13 is not its hardware SPI so the library can not be used , but you also can rewrite all the SPI code to manually way and you can use the Mega with SD card shield.
Here is the SD card pins(right side) out .

We supply a library for it in the produce page but this library can not use with seeeduino Mega.