Seeedstudio Response Times

Well, I must say that I’m not to happy with the “service” of Seeedstudio. I’m not too disappointed in my package STILL not being delivered after 3 months, can you really blame the postal service? I’m more disappointed in that I’ve left 2 detailed messages through the Contact Us form on the Seeed Studio Depot and have not received one response.

Is there a better way to get in contact someone at Seeed Studio to try and resolve my shipment problem. I am referring to order #2638 done on July 2 2009.

P.S. I really do not like to post this publicly, but I’ve tried resolving this through the contact form twice with no avail… :frowning:

Please help

Hi Concord:

I just checked the order history, it is a preorder 2 of Buspirate V3, which takes 2 months to prepare due to IC shortage. The item is sent out on September 2nd from Hongkong. From Canadian post, it arrived in Sep. 14th, but seems they made a mistake that the mail is rerouted. Please check … ution=e1s1 with the track number sent you earlier. Would you please check with your postal office about the parcel, it might be easier and more timely.

We averagely reply mails every 8 hours, there might be something wrong that made us lose your message twice. Very sorry for the inconvenience brought in any reason.

Thank you for contacting us via this alternative way, please let us know if any other help or info needed.

Track Info from Canada post:

2009/09/21 10:37 LONGUEUIL Canada Post processing error; item re-routed. Possible delay
2009/09/14 19:16 MISSISSAUGA International item arrived in Canada and will be reviewed by Customs


Yes, I’ve been checking the tracking of the parcel. I’ve called Canada Post and inquired. Their response is that there could have been some mistake on the address label. So I checked my Seeed Studio account and everything is correct. They think it might have gone to Quebec? :unamused: So I’ve tried about three times with different service contacts to try and get it resolved from my end. Even offering to drive down to the Mississauga depot and signing papers of consent to open the parcel if it’s a customs problem. But I was told every time that my only recourse is to talk to the sender and have them initiate a parcel trace/return from their end. I found this ludicrous but they stated that it is international law… (Universal Postal Union Act) Section 1 Article 17 where any inquires must be made by the sender and not the receiver. sigh… So they won’t release the package, and only the sender has the power to do anything about it.

So I need Seeed Studios to initiate a return to sender or something from their Hong Kong Postal Service (Which is free and HK Post will do all the work), but it must be done by the sender.

I know this looks like a big mess, but I have honestly tried everything on my end in Canada. So now I’m at the last stage asking for your help :slight_smile:

What the #$%^???

I ‘JUST’ checked the tracking AGAIN and it showed that it’s on delivery. I swear I really hate Canada Post.

Date Time Location Description Retail Location Signatory Name
2009/11/18 09:02 CONCORD Item out for delivery
2009/09/21 10:37 LONGUEUIL Canada Post processing error; item re-routed. Possible delay
2009/09/14 19:16 MISSISSAUGA International item arrived in Canada and will be reviewed by Customs

So it did go to Quebec. :imp: I’m not sure if you guys did anything to light a fire under their rear ends, or it’s just a really weird coincidence, but I’ll give it a few days before going further…


The package finally arrived last night in the mail. Thank you for your responses. I honestly think that Canada has a third-world country postal service. Took them OVER 2 months to bounce it to Quebec and back.

P.S. I checked the label and it was properly labeled. Everything from Seeed Studio’s end was correct.

Glad to see it’s safely arrived, long journey anyway. :slight_smile:

I am planning to order a bunch of stuff from seeedstudios but I’m also worried that Canada Post will muck up my order! :frowning: … last time I ordered an artist print from the US and they slapped on a $40 “surcharge” for some ambiguous reason.

Canada post does have a stupid 3rd world postal system. There aint no two ways about it.

If any other ontarians/canadians have had problems with customs or Canada Post, please post your experiences.