Seeedstudio GPRS shield LED status

Hello Seeedstudio Team!

I recently bought an Arduino GPRS shield (v 1.0) from you but am having trouble getting SMS sending to work.

Neither on your wiki nor anywhere else I was able to find what exactly the LEDs on the shield are supposed to do if everything is working correctly or what they signalize by blinking etc.

Could you please provide me with the information and/or add it to your wiki?

Thanks a lot & have a great day!

Thanks for your feedback.
First,we want to know what trouble with you getting your SMS?
Any error?Please tell us more detail.

Then we will update our WIKI about the LEDs later.



Hello Yuri,

thanks for your reply.

I just couldn’t get SMS sending to work so far, and always got an and “ERROR” when trying to execute AT+CMGS.
But this might not be a problem with the shield or module itself, it might have been the SIM card, I am checking with another one soon.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to know what color and sequence the LEDs display depending on the status of the module or at the very least know what the “everything is ok” status looks like.

Have a great day!