Seeedstudio Frame not charging battery

Hello guys, well I tested my frame (film) and it programs nice, the led is nice and everything. But I cannot seem to get the battery charged, I connect it to the batt connector and then I connect 5v to the CHG connector, but the battery just does not charge.

Something I see weird is that when I plug the 5v a led near the connector kinda blinks but does not turn completely on, just one flash and that’s all.

Any ideas how could I charge the battery?

Hi there,
Here is a link show how to charge the Seeeduino_Film.
Pay attention that don’t charge the batter when programming.


Yes I dit as mentioned, it looks it tries to recharge the battery because I see in the volmeter that it is providing 5v to the battery but when I unplug the charging cables, the battery voltage just goes down to .3v.