seeedstudio bluetooth shield and arduino mega 2560

I recently purchased the seeedstudio bluetooth shield to use with my arduino mega 2560. When I first attached the shield to my arduino, the indicator lights blinked green and orange, or whatever the colors are supposed to be when the module hasn’t been paired. I still have not been able pair the shield, or for that matter, even be able to detect the shield, in slave mode. But now the indicator light blinks green twice and then just stays on, which I found out means that the device has been paired. I know the device isn’t paired, unless somehow my neighbor paired with it before I could even try to, because, as I said before, I was never even able to detect the shield with my phone. I tried scanning it with my laptop on windows vista as well, but still no luck. If anybody can help me with my problem, that would be well appreciated. Thank you in advanced for any helpful replies

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