Seeed's silkscreen markings


For an upcoming design I am planing to mount a PCB as a front panel with all electrical components on one side and only silkscreen/copper cutouts on the other. From previous experience PCB orders from Seeed arrive with a PCB manufacturer added code on the silkscreen layer. Is there a way for me to indicate on which layer (top/bottom silkscreen) and which specific location on the layer this code is permitted to be placed?

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Hi Nik,

Sure, our customer service ( can forward a message to tell the engineers where to put the production code but it will be best to tell them just before you place the order, otherwise it may be too late to intervene by the time they get to your e-mail. Depending on what time you place the order, it may go into production very quickly, at which point it is too late to make changes.

All the best!