Seeed's engineers are infiltrating the forum

Hello community,

After a whole winter’s peace, new vigor and vitality are growing at this place. Seeed’s engineer team is coming into the corner that community’s sunshine can illuminate. We’re electronics engineers, software engineers, construction engineers, mechanical engineers , test engineers and ID engineers. Come on and find us out.

We would like to participate in project level topics and technical discussions, and try to help AMAP. There’re some new forums in the “open source projects” category, these projects are held by seeedstudio, we will keep updating the status and documents and continue to add new projects in. But everyone has the chance to setup a new project and related forum, just post a proposal topic in the “Project Proposal” forum. With a project forum created, you will be sponsored by seeedstudio with some resources like hardwares and others more to be decided.

Regarding the customer service questions, it’s preferred that you post them through the user-voice channel: floating at the bottom right corner of bazaar’s web page with texts “Feedback & Support”.

Sincerely Seeed

In the help of Open-Hardware makes and users, the seeed forum is become more and more significant . but, as the gorwth of seeed’s product quantity, and as forum organization itself is not clear enough, the forum becomes chaos. Makes it difficult for our users to discuss and tracking questions, also , seeed’s tech support can not provide supports in time .