Seeedo Bluetooth Shield Pairing indicator

:smiley: I have been working on the BT shield and it works great! The only thing that I have not been able to do yet is to figure out how to light an LED when the BT shield pairs with any device.

I’m using the slave code on the Arduino and everything pairs just fine, but I can’t seem to discover a way to turn on/off an LED when paired or unpaired.

I’ve been through the wiki, downloaded the schematics/board diagrams, and gone over lots of threads, but nobody seems to have done this very simple thing before. :cry:

Anybody have suggestions?

thanks in advance

Hey , you can modify your program from the replay value of BT shield:

if the BT shield has nothing to do, the return value:


if the BT shield in a pairing mode, the return value:


if BT shield is connecting to your device, the return value:


and if the BT shield has been connected, the return value:


So, you can add some judge functions to know whether your BT shield has been connected or not.

Good luck!