Seeedbutton issue with configuration


I have bought a Seeedbutton online to test it for using it with our platform-business

I am trying to install AWS certificates locally on the dashbutton and to get a connection via 192.168.., which is not working.
I have also tried to use the 1-click App from AWS and am able to setup and see the dash-button in my local wifi, but do not get access with my browser to it with the IP address assigned from the DHCP-server.

So my question. How can i install the certificates? Is there a documentation? I have found some Amazon Dashbutton Videos, but they are using local host installation (which is not working.

Thanks and best regards

Which product, AWS Iot Botton?

yes. the aws iot button.

There you go

My question is with regards to install aws certificates on the dashbutton. the rest described in your is not the issue.

I don’t quite understand what you mean. This is not a device that can be reprogrammed.

I have the same issue,
In order to configure an AWS IOT Button from Amazon, we have to configure it using its own network, install our private key, and selecting the server, also configuring the wifi network, all of that is done from the internet explorer (safari, chrome etc) by connecting to the button network, But what is the password for the wifi network? In the original AWS button the password key is the last 8 chars on the DSN, but it does not work for this button. The other way to configure is using the AWS not 1-click button. but in my country seems to be banned because android version is not available and iOS version does no save the wifi configuration in to the button, I mean the when I clicked on the button save, it does not work. So how can we configure this button


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