SEEED XIAO with more IO?

When will we have a SEEED XIAO with more I/O brought out to user? ATSAMD21G18-QFN48 clearly has more. We are starving for more IO.

I2c expander won’t help?

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I don’t understand how “I2C expander won’t help?” relates to the question about a possible future SEEED XIAO with more IO pins. I have suggested that SEEED provide a configuration of slaves that just expand the I/O without the user having to manage all the I2C work that would go with it. A better solution would be an XIAO with more pins than UNO. Any ideas?

I don’t think it is lot more work to use I2C expanded IO, in a project that I am working on I have 3-16 bit’s and 2-8 bit expanders (I make my own boards DIY). I used to use a Ardunio Mega for this project but it’s IO is too clunky, takes up too much space with cabling. Expanded IO can really clean up a project and the necessary cabling for IO. I think that XIAO is well suited for this purpose and it should remain in it’s current physical size.