Seeed XIAO nrf52840 Sense external onboard flash - Arduino example code

I want to ask about the XIAO nrf52840 Sense external onboard flash example code for Arduino IDE. I have used some example available from Adafruit internal file system but those seems to work with only internal flash but I want to use the external flash which is available on board of XIAO nrf52840.
I have following questions,

  1. Is there any example which ready to work with this board to use external flash?
  2. If there is no library available what are the work arounds to use this flash?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Cyber_PhyTech,
I have tried the link below.

โ€œXIAO store data in QSPI flash memory (Mbed) - #14 by msfujinoโ€

โ€œGitHub - PMCheetham/SEEED_nRF52840_QSPI: SEEED nRF52480 QSPI Exampleโ€

Hi @msfujino ,
Thanks for referring to links. Can you tell what I would need to install in Arduino to run this example? As I can see it has some nrf libraries to be installed but it would be great if you give me a hint which thing would have all of these?


I have installed Board Service Package:Seeed nRF52 mbed-enabled Boards.

Hi thanks for your answer. Do you know example which could work with adafruit packages as Seeed nRF52 mbed-enabled Boards package does not work the adafruit one. We need to use ble uart from bluefruit with the spi flash. I could run the flash code with the package you mentioned but that will stop the ble uart apis to work with. Any idea?

I do not have any further information.

Have you looked through Adafruit repositories?

Find the thread talking about the QSPI flash

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for inputs. I have found the lifesaver link which has everything just compile and it should work. It seems Seeed QSPI has to be setup manually as described in the code.


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It is no big deal to add Seeed QSPI to the library. With the attached patch, the library will be able to auto-detect the flash used by Seeed (7.6 KB)

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@hobbya where should you patch be added please?

Hi there,
Not sure if this is pertinent, But the code I used for the demo is in the post, The Xiao Grove Expansion Board Video demonstration, w/ code. ๐ŸŽ…
Tests and accesses both on board QSPI and the External Flash on expansion board.
May or may not help.
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v: