Seeed Wio LTE: Wiki Documentation is misleading/inaccurate

Concerning the Wiki Documentation for Wio LTE ::
1/. Earlier today it was established that the documentation link pointing to board manager for Wio LTE is inaccurate. The link provided does not yeild a definition for Wio LTE.
2/. The documentation concerning setting up of the COM port for the board lacks clarity. Firstly it says: * Windows Users: Most versions of Windows won’t automatically load the built-in driver for USB com ports. You’ll have to download ST’s USB driver [STM32 Virtual COM Port Driver]. (
My Comment: The above is accurate only for some old, deprecated versions of windows. Its not accurate for Windows 10, which has been the mainstream windows platform for a number of years.** Windows 10 ought to be prioritised in the Wiki Documentation.
It is not clear in the documentation what is the goal in terms of setting up the port.

  • What port driver is needed by Arduino IDE when programming the device and you need to compile and upload sketches.
  • What Port driver .is needed to be able to monitor the COM Port to view debugging output.
  • what procedure is needed to switch between the two drivers
  • What the heck is “DFU” ?
  • Some explanation as to why the port .drivers in each case need to be different for this board. For a regular Arduino, only one driver is needed, and it works for both purposes.
  • Is it not possible (?) to fix this for the WIO LTE Board ? After all, when trying out the example sketches, the user needs to compile the example, load it onto the board and then immediately be able to view the debugging info coming from the device USB port. But instead we need to go through some mysterious procedure involving pushing of buttons, plugging the USB in and out and holding your mouth right. The mysterious procedure is not clearly documented. !!

My experience: I found that after getting the board manager right, then copying the provided example sketch, compiling, uploading is that the ‘Virtual’ port is no longer recognized when the USB is inserted.

Really Seeed you need to do much better than this. Please review the wiki document, and make corrections !!!

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