Seeed Wifi Shield V1.1 (using RN171) and xively

Hi everybody,
this is my first post here, so here I go :wink: .
I’m trying to connect my Arduino Uno to Xively (former Cosm and before that Pachube) using my Seeed Wifi Shield V1.1 with the “New Wifi Shield Library” from the Wiki.
I basically got the Wifi shield working (trying all the examples). Sadly, I’m really struggling to connect it to Xively.
The Xively library only supports the Arduino standard wifi library and the WiFly library from Sparkfun. And it seems the Seeed library is not compatible.

I found some hints in this post:
Nevertheless, I can’t get it to work at all.

Is there some sample code/examples available for a Xively connection using the Seeed Wifi Shield V1.1 to upload multiple data streams?


hey, sorry that we don’t have demo about xively, but we’ll have it soon, or you can contract this guy:


did one have an solution to use the gsm module with xively?

Hello all disgruntled users of the V2 display whose library does not include text direction. I have added code to the .cpp and .h files to add text direction. I have tested the new files with one of my own projects and - success. I have also tested with the V1.0 example, text4Directions, and that also works fine. In the setup for that sketch, change the #include file from <TFT.h> to <TFTv2.h>, and add #include <SPI.h>. I also commented out the TouchScreen #include as it isn’t used in this sketch. Finally, in void setup(), change from Tft.init; to Tft.TFTinit();.