Seeed Wifi Shield V1.0 And MQTT Client Api Compatabiltiy

This is my first post to a forum, I think shield is the appropriate one.

I recently bought the Arduino uno r3 and hooked up the Seeed Wifi shield V1.0. I then tested the TCP example application and everything worked with no problems.

I am interested in using this Wifi Shield with Mqtt. The plan is to get sensor data from a number of sensors and use an mqtt client to forward the data via Wifi to a cloud server. So I then downloaded a Mqtt library for the arduino (See the arduino-client-for-mqtt at knolleary net), which is designed to work with the Ethernet.h library.

The Ethernet.h api and the WiFly.h api, do not match so I can’t simply use the code as is. So my plan is to rewrite the WiFly api so it matches the Ethernet Api, so I it can be passed to the Mqtt library and be used without modifying the Mqtt library. It seems a sensible idea. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Hi, pls referenced the new wifi libraries on our wiki page. We didn’t have such libraries for this yet.