Seeed TFT v2 Shield


Trying to use the TFT2 library with Arduino nano without joy!

Was able to load and run the Touchscreen example *(get results on Serial Monitor).

Can’t get anything other than white screen on the TFT demos though (tried them all)

Do I need to modify any entries in TFTV2.h ?

when I run the code from viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5283

I get this message:

Read TFT ID failed, ID should be 0x09341, but read ID = 0xFFFFFF

still cant get this to work. but the touchscreen example works fine.

The error message implies that the ILI9341 display chip is either dead or not accessible for some reason.

The touchscreen demo doesn’t use the display chip, only the resistive grid, which is why it works.


worked it out, I soldered the P1 through P3 jumpers on the board since my duino nano didnt have the three pair header that connects on the other duinos. While I was at it I did the D7 mod for the backlight too :slight_smile: