Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 - extremely hot to the touch

What would make the board extremely hot to the touch. Just using the USB power from the computer to power the device. I have tried putting the blinkwithoutdelay example on the board, but it keeps disconnecting while it is uploading.

I have tried to put a new UF2 file in the DFU, but that didn’t help.

Thank you

Do you have anything else connected to XIAO besides USB?
Was it hot from the first time you used it?
Or did it get hot after you did something?

At first I had a sensor board LIS3MDL connected, I then removed the Seeeduino board from the bread board and let it cool and then only connected the Seeeduino board to the USB cable and it got extremely hot again. Hot enough I couldn’t keep my finger on the board for more than a few seconds.

Thank you.

Was the connection between LIS3MDL and XIAO correct?

5V  <----> VIN
GND <----> GND
D4  <----> SDA
D5  <----> SCL