Seeed Studio TFT v2 GUI

I have recently ordered a Seeed TFT screen v2, because the first version was discontinued. When I received it, in less than ten minutes I had gotten all of the examples that came with it to work.

My ultimate aim in buying the tft shield was to make a small GUI where I could navigate around, and open files from the microsd card that I have.

To my distress, each of the GUI libraries made for the shield were made for version one, not version two. I had tried them, but none worked. The only documentation I see about v2 is on the SeeedStudio wiki for the product.

GUI for v1 of the tft shield: code,google,com/p/touch-screen-menu-library/‎

If anyone has made any buttons, menus etc for the shield, or has gotten a working gui on v2, please let me know.


Thanks for your share. And maybe we need to make a demo about GUI of TFT v2 ? Thanks for your attention. We would post it here if we make it.


Has there been any progress on a GUI library for the v2 TFT? I have a v1 and recently purchase a v2 TFT for the reduced pin count. Today I ordered a 4D Systems TFT because of their easy GUI setup. If we could make something like this for the v2 TFT from Seeed it would be very beneficial due to the lower cost versus a 4D systems setup.

Im not sure this addresses your question, but Ive just retrofitted a paint program for v-2 TFT, and my buttons and color palette swatches are working.
I didnt do anything else besides load their new TFT2 library, no modifying header files or anything exotic.
Checkout my source code, perhaps my buttons and methodology may help you make your own.