Seeed Studio screwed up on posting my DSO Nano


I ordered on 21-Jan, got an email on 24-Jan saying that it was being posted.

On 1-Feb HK Post confirmed they had the info.

Today, 12-Feb in HK, HK Post tells me that my parcel left HK for its destination (the US).

I can understand that Chinese New Year got in the way, but it seems like Seeed dropped the ball because they did not get the parcel to HK Post until around 1-Feb.

Bit pissed off at this stage.

What do you expect?
This is their festive season. Nearly all businesses came to
a halt in HK and China. Come on, it’s happening once a year.
Give them a break. So is christmas in US when most business
get really slow during the season which extent after the New

Next time order stateside… NO worries…

Well, since I followed their advice and got my order in before the Chinese New Year cutoff, I expected that it would be shipped before Chinese New Year.

They clearly dropped the ball, since they said that they had dealt with it on 24-Jan, but HK Post did not get it until 1 Feb! That is 7 days!

I am well aware of Chinese New Year, since I am married to a Chinese person who is from Hong Kong.

Hi pal, this is Kobe from seeedstudio dealing with supply chain business. Sorry for any inconveniences taken by this matter , have a relax first and I will expplain it to you.

Frankly, as a stable procedure,we delivery all orders at our local time Monday, Wednesday, Friday ( not including the public holiday) . in other word, no matter which courier company we choose, all confrimed orders will be shipped on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. that is why we told you that your order was shipped on Jan-24( Monday), The iron fact is that, H.k POST picked the order up from our office on Jan-24 and then they will arrange to ship it. By the way, our office is located at Shenzhen city, Mainland, commonly H.K post will take all their cargo to H.K warehouse then they dispatch it there. if no any delay, it takes no more than 2 days. Thus H.k POST will get it on/about Jan-26. same as our known, they will update it on their website after a few days . So, you read it as , they got it on Feb-1.( JAN-29,JAN-30 is weekend).

Appreciated for your kindly understanding.
Looking forward to your continued support.


Thank you for your explanation. That all makes sense now. I am sorry for blowing off steam.