Seeed Studio Round Display for XIAO + lvgl touch hang/crash

Wondering if anyone else experienced a crash of the touch handler when using the Seeed Studio Round Display for XIAO with lvgl.

I am sure that the interrupt handler just stops working because doing the touch reading in the main arduino loop instead works. If its done in the interrupt handler then I get no calls to the handler after 20 seconds or so.
There could be the possibility that the interrupt pin stops working which I will test later.

thanx in advance of any advice

ok I just realized that there is not interrupt handling going on on the lvgl side but the touch input is supposed to be regularly polled, so will try to find out why that suddenly should stop. Definitely looks like a lvgl issue .

getting further . With lvgl logging turned on all worked. So I changed
the delay( 5) line to delay( 200 ) … and that is now stable … the short delay must be the cause that the input handler falls over