Seeed Studio Electronic Brick 125Khz RFID tag ID sampling

I’m using the Seeed Studio Electronic Brick 125 Khz RFID reader along with an Arduino Pro Mini.

As of now, if I hold a tag in the presence of the reader, the tag ID is transmitted only once by the reader. However,
for my project, I need to be able to detect the presence/absence of the tag over a period of time. Is there a way
to have the reader transmit the tag ID repeatedly, so long as the tag is in the read range of the reader?

hey , it says in the specification that this mode has existed , but we can’t find any detailed information about it. And we have found only the level of digital pin(RX\TX or INO0\INT1) changed , we can read it again , but the level is depended on the signal ,so if you don’t move the tag away , the level of digital pin can’t be changed ,so we can’t read it repeatedly.

Maybe we can use a another way----add a relay.

RFID Reader “VCC”----Grove Relay “NO”
Arduino Mini “VCC”----Grove Relay “COM”
Grove Relay “D1”-----Arduino Mini

So we can control the RFID Reader by Arduino mini. When we input a High level,the Relay “On”,and the RFID reader read the data.When we input a Low level , the Relay “Off”, and it can’t read anything. And the frequency of read is designed by you. Can we ? I think so.