Seeed studio a203/V2 with Jetson Xavier NX emmc and Waveshare HDMI to CSI adapter

We are trying to get these three pieces of hardware to work together.

  1. Jetson Xavier NX emmc
  2. Seeed studio a203/V2
  3. Waveshare HDMI to CSI adapter

We followed these instructions on flashing the Xavier NX emmc with A203/v2 custom drivers for Jetpack 4.6. A203 | Seeed Studio Wiki

That process works, however we have previously developed custom drivers for the waveshare board which also modifies the tegra194-p3668-all-p3509-0000.dtb file. Our custom drivers have been tested with the Jetson Xavier NX dev kit carrier board and are proven to work. But since we do not have the kernel source code used to compile drivers for the A203 board, we cannot get both devices working together.

Can you provide kernel source for A203/V2 with Jetson Xavier NX emmc so we can combine both changes into one device tree? Thanks in advance.

I would also like to get this working.