Seeed SoM - STM32MP157C Dimensions

Hi, I want use Seeed SoM - STM32MP157C to My project.
But I can’s find dimensions for place connectors.
Can I get DXF file or dimensions information?

Hi there:
there exist dimensions information in our wiki

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Hi @595355940
I’m not need connector’s dimension. I know connector’s P/N.
I need exact location of connector in SOM board for make peripheral board.
Thank you.

Hi @kudnya
there exists Orcad file in our wiki that can help you find the location of the connector in SOM board


I have no means of opening Orcad files, do you have a PDF file for physical dimensions so that I can make a footprint?


Hi @mobyfab which dimension do you need?

Hi all.
Thank you for your support!

I made up my own library from Seeed’s orcad project files.
Could you verify my library?

Thank you!

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Thanks this is exactly what I needed!

There should be a 2D file with all dimensions needed to create an ECAD part. (connectors position, board size including height)
There’s one for the ODYSSEY board but not for the SOM, this need to be added.

I’ve created a managed library here:
or here:
2 pinout versions (one “seeed” pin names, one mcu pin names), 3d model included (only connectors)

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