Seeed SoM STM32MP157C 3.3V output - how much current?

How much current can be drawn on the SOM’s 3.3V output pins?

I am hoping we can supply some 3.3V peripherals from the SOM’s output.

Hi, you can refer the schematic, the power chip can provide 2A current total. We don’t suggest you connect a heavy load.

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for the reference. The question is how much of the 2A is used internally on the SoM and how much can be drawn externally on the base board.

As I can see only the EMMC chip is connected to the 3V3 supply and the 1V2_HDMI (LDO6) supply is derived also from the 3V3 potential. But we are not using HDMI so that should not matter for out application. So this leaves just with the EMMC chip’s consumption or?

Hi, 500mA will be fine under 100% cpu loading.