Seeed SenseCAP gateway issue

What does it mean if the status indicator light remains off after powering up? I’m using ethernet. I’ve tried different cables, power cycling, recreating the device in the console, different ISP. Also it once was a disconnected device and now I don’t see the device at all in my network at all.

Hello, we have a dedicated technical support team for SenseCAP products that can help you with your questions. You can contact our technical support email address and they will help you to troubleshoot where the problem is occurring.

Thanks but why your SenseCAP team is not monitoring the forum and answer here ? it would be so more efficient and useful for everyone :wink:


Thank you for your suggestion, we really appreciate it.
It is recommended to contact Sensecap support email address or open a new ticket here for a better and more personalized experience. Issues are not always the same and can be caused by different things.

I would also recommend joining the SenseCAP MX community Discord chat, as there is a lot of topic-specific channels and a ton of great information:


Hi jooly1,

Please help me with these questions

  1. Can you see a red and green led on the front of your unit? If yes, are both solid?
  2. Is the blue led (on the back of your unit) blinking or completely off?

This would be good advice.

I’m looking for help with this part in the picture and not a helium part.

So far they haven’t responded.


What is your ticket ID?