Seeed Odyssey x86 for NAS build and 3.5" HDDs

Hi all,
I’m trying to find out if I could use the Odyssey to build a NAS. However I have a few requirements that seem challenging:

  • I’d prefer to use 2x 3.5" HDDs (they are cheaper than 2.5"). However there is only one SATA data port. I’ve read about the PCIe to SATA adapter. It it still unclear to me how they should be wired and if the power supplied will be enough?
  • I’d prefer to add another 2 devices to mirror the root partition, I was going with 2 USB dongles but there is only one USB type A port. Any suggestion how this could be done?
  • I don’t think the standard case is going to fit 3.5" disks, is the board compatible with any other cases?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi, you can use a M.2 B key to sata convertor to expand the sata or can use M.2 M key to expand 2 sata ports. The four-pin power jack can support two HDDs. If you want more HDDs work together, you need a external PSU.

Thanks for the idea. So I think I could do the following:

  • get a M.2 B key to get another SATA3 port
  • connect 2 HDDs, one to the M.2 B key, and the other to the default internal SATA
  • power the HDDs with two SATA-to-Molex adapters (using 2 of the 3 SATA power ports)
  • get a 64GB eMMC and a 64GB microSD as a mirrored pair to install the operating system to.

Makes sense so far?

My last concern is what case could house all of this? Will the re_computer case fit a 3.5" HDD? What about two? Should I get two cases and stack them? Should I get the 2.5" HDD mounting board?

Yes, you can add case’s stack and mounting board to add 2.5’’ hdd.

I think these modules will not work with 3.5" HDDs? I prefer to avoid 2.5" devices.

With an additional middle frame and one mounting board, will I be able to fit 2x3.5" HDDs inside? Will power be enough?

The mid frame only support 2.5"HDD.

So I guess neither the re_computer case fits 3.5" HDDs. I can’t build a NAS with those disks and this case.

Can the Odyssey work with other cases? I need a larger case at this point. For example a Mini ITX or Micro ATX or similar, will it be compatible with the screws layout?

If you want to power them off the Odyssey the plug is PH2.0-4