Seeed Odyssey NAS more than 3 HDDs?

Is the recommendation of attaching 3 3,5” HDDs only Beschuss of the limit of 3 sata power connectors, or is there a limit of sata data connectors?
Is it possible to attach more than 3 3,5” HDDs to the Seeed Odyssey? And what is the maximum number of TBs the Odyssey can handle with?
The Drives would completely rely on a external power supply and I my plan is to attach 5 8TB Seagate Ironwolf with this Adapter to the Odyssey and with freenas.

If it works, is there a potential risk of RAID failure or data loss after a short amount of time ? And what’s RAID configuration is not possible for example? And would it be possible to attach both the m.2 sata Adapter and another nvme ssd ?

And which kind of SATA 3 Power Cable Slots does the Odyssey has? And could you recommend additional fitting SATA 3 Cables similar to the one that is shipped with the Odyssey?

Hi, for 3 3.5" HDD would be not problem if they are relay on an external power supply. We are currently in the development of m.2 to sata(suitable for 5 satas :smiley: please stay tuned). We are also developing the power boards for supply the 5 satas.

We only have tested using raid under windows, but have not tested raid under freenas yet, so cant tell you the confirmed answer.


Thank you, can you tell me what the type of the three SATA 3 Power connectors is on the odyssey? Can I plug a 4 pin Molex into it, or is it a floppy connector? Unfortunately I haven’t found the exact same Power/Data Cable that is shipped with the odyssey.
Do you know where I can buy two additional ones?