Seeed Odyssey J4125 Temperature Questions

I’m wanting to use the mini computer as part of a weather-proof enclosure to gather acoustics from a microphone, and send the data off-site using the LTE capabilities. As such, I need to know some characteristics of the mini computer when it gets too hot or cold.

The documentation states that the operating range is 0 to 45 degrees Celsius, and what I’m wondering is what happens when it gets outside this range?

Specifically, my questions are

  • In the 45+ degrees case, does the mini computer automatically shut down? Does the fan throttle?
  • What about in the below 0 degrees case?
  • Is there a metric for the failure rate of the Odyssey when it’s outside this temperature range? (i.e., 5% of them completely break or something like that?)
  • The documentation for the CPU states it’s operating range to be a maximum of 105 degrees Celsius and the Arduino co-processor to be 60 degrees Celsius. So what is the component that’s limiting the max temperature of the Odyssey?

Answer as blew:

  1. The machine may working abnormally.
  2. We can’t ensure the computer can be power up.
  3. As so far, we didn’t have any repot that the machine completely break.
  4. 45℃ limited is tested on full speed of CPU and not reach the CPU temperature wall.