Seeed needs to lead, follow, or get out of Arduino's


I purchased both the TFT Touch Shield, 2.8" (Ver.2) and the Proto Shield, for Arduino, and found a few problems.

  • TFT Shield - there’s no mention that this shield isn’t supported by the Arduino Due: - libraries have not been ported for the Due, from what I’ve been able to dig up, it looks like this isn’t going to happen, Seeed’s libraries are based off of AdaFruits, so I expect Ada Fruit could someday port them. :confused:

  • Proto Board - there’s very LITTLE documentation on how to assemble this shield. I was able to finally figure it out after digging around the Seeed Wiki, maybe a url on the box would be helpful? While it was inexpensive, it took too long to assemble, and the time I wasted would have made it cheaper to buy from another vendor. :exclamation:

  • You’re not able to use the TFT shield with the Proto Shield installed: the ISP header needs to be extended onto the Proto Shield allowing for them to be accessed by the TFT Shield, or any shield placed above the Proto Shield. Didn’t Seeed ever think someone might want to use both the TFT and Proto Shields at the same time? :unamused:

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. It’s really helpful to us.

Actually we had tried to do our best to make good products for our users, but it still hard to avoid some mistakes.
We are finding some alpha users recently, if you want to join us as an Alpha user to help us to make Seeed’s product better, please contact me:

Thanks for you suggestion again!