Seeed Motor Shield grove connections

hey, on the Motor shield, does anyone know how initiate the grove connections? I need 2 more extra motors and i have a I2C motor driver that has a grove connection on it. how can i get I2C to run? I tried the code, but it doesn’t seem to work off of the grove connections. any advice or code would be great help

also, i have a ping sensor that I want to set as an input on the arduino. the motor shield covers up the pins I was going to use, is it possible to use the grove connections for that as well?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I also want to use up to 3 of the I2C seeeduino grove motor driver V1.1 shields and could at least get 2 to work,
but I still have problems with right adressing for independant motor control of more than one shield connected.

These modules use the I2C-bus as a joint connection.
The base grove shield provides 2 places to connect these modules, named IIC, the rest of the connectors are used with analog or digital pins only.
One connector is right next to the reset button- side connection and one is a top connector - both with

print label aside.


As far as I understand the documentation, you need the I2C bus-connection only, I tried it with the 2 connectors mentioned.
I assume, that in order to use 3 of them, I simply can connect them in parallel, which the IIC-bus supports.

Hope, this is a meaningful information to you.

I am looking for full documentation on the shield control functions and how they work alltogether.
The code sample works o.k. with a single shield, if you change the wire.send() to wire.write() …

Hope this hint can help you.