Seeed, help me use PCBA service, thanks

Apparently I have some assembly needs. I’m used to thru-hole parts but hand assembly takes too long. I’m trying to do surface mount for the first time. My design has all parts on the back layer. Will that be a problem for Seeed PCBA assembly or do I have to swap them to the front layer for assembly? Please, some sample project with PCBA service will be very helpful. I really want to use your service.

Seeed can help you assemble the parts no matter they are on front layer or back layer. we can help even on both layers. for example, … ath=84_114 this board is double-side assembled.


Cool! I’ve already moved all parts to top layer. Here is a picture of the board. Would you mind giving me some advice of the placement of the cap resistors for easier manufacture of larger quantity such as 100+ pcs?

Shu Yang,

I am stuck at the component placement file and BOM. What am I supposed to do with these two? A very simple example with all these files included will be very helpful. I don’t even know where to start with the component placement file. Please post an example.

Most of the parts I use are from OPL. I can include them in BOM. Just ignore parts you don’t have, right?