Seeed Forum Re-Organize(seeking suggestions)

In the help of Open-Hardware makes and users, the seeed forum is become more and more significant . but, as the gorwth of seeed’s product quantity, and as forum organization itself is not clear enough, the forum becomes chaos. Makes it difficult for our users to discuss and tracking questions, also , seeed’s tech support can not provide supports in time .

So, we plan to re-organize the forum. the forum includes the following catalogue:

  1. Community guidelines and announcement: user guidance and announcement, for example, this post itself , will be put here to help users understand this forum,

  2. Seeed’s produt: you can post your problems and experiences in using the seeed’s products here , to seek for help or share with others. Seeed Engineers will often come here, to help solving the problems. There are 7 segments in this catalogue:
    1.) Seeeduino Serials and mutans-----please sent anything about mainboards such as Seeeduino/Stalker here.
    2.) Grove system and electronic brick-----please sent anything about Grove modules and Eletronic bricks here;
    3.) Bee Serial & WSN-----posts about wireless communication and related modules;
    4.) DSO Nano-----DSO201;
    5.) DSO Quad-----DSO203;
    6.) Shield-----posts about Arduino compatible shields ;
    7.) Posts before 2012-----because of the forum re-organization , posts before 2012 would be put here, you can read these posts, but can not reply. If you have any problems about these posts, I suggest you create a new post in related segment.

  3. Seeed’s service: Seeed provides many service, include fusion PCB/Laser cutting/source serves…., if you have any suggestions on this , please post them here.

  4. Open Source Projects : please sent your projects, or your ideas, or your dreams about open-hardware here, maybe, some day it will come true;

  5. Suggestions and complains: ok, if you get angry , you can post your anger here, seeed would know what he have done , and what to do in the future;

  6. Others:You may have many words on anything about seeed, about open-hardware, you can post them here. Also, some Externally-sourced products , you can post the related problems here. But , tell the truth, seeed’s tech support may do not have the ability to solve all the problems here, especially some shenzhen2U products. So, we sincerely wish our customers posting problems , and, sharing experiences.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know .

Sincerely Seeed

Suggestions from users:

  1. "With Seeed accidentally losing messages, moving around forums, no RSS-feed, having to login again every time etc., "
    Seeed: has added RSS-Feed and re-set the setting of logining. Nano/Quad rewinded.

Do you really plan to move all old posts to “Posts before 2012”? This will make it more difficult to search for information, since you will have to look in two subforums. Are you going to have subforums under “Posts before 2012” or just throw everything together there?

Does “all old posts” mean all old posts on our forum?We will take your suggestion into consideration.

Sorry, my question was not clear. I answered to this thread while reading it in the DSO Nano subforum, and I did not know it was cross-linked to all other subforums. So my question is really: Will all DSO Nano subforum posts that are older than 2012 be moved to “Posts before 2012”?

tormod, the posts in the “POSTS before 2012” is old post, they are not included into any catologue because of the old forum management, we needs to move all of them to related catologue manually. so, before the movement, we just put these kinds of post in the “POSTs before 2012”. the posts already in right catalogue needs no movement. please advise.

Dear all

Merry Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue:

A new forum is coming , we add many functions to it~~~~ :unamused:

  1. Points : When u post a new topic, you will get 2 points , and you can get 1 point after replying a post.
    you know , we wish more and more friends could join us and enjoy there,and find a fun on our forum.So should we set a maximum limitation of points everyday? you could get points less than the maximum limitation.

  2. Grade system: Maybe we need more funs , so we promote this grade system.Just like play games, we hope and encourage more people to play it,share it,and like it. :mrgreen: Could we?

  3. Honor: As a “librarian” :laughing: , we totally wish that all members could help each other, help us to solve problems , show us your suggestions , share your process of DIY with us. We will very appreciate those devotions and sent some honors as a feedback. And we’ll send our gifts to them according to the honor.

we don’t know whether this institution is good enough , so we need your opinions.Any suggestion should be appreciated.

Best Regards

So we should take into consideration our posts and comments? We’ll that’s okay.

thanks :laughing:

:mrgreen: Cheers

Ok,Thanks :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: