Seeed Femto D21 I2C issue

Hey Folks! New here

Just received my first Seed Femto D21 board.
Ran the blinky program works as expected

Updated all libraries sitting on 1.8.3

I2C does not work at all.
I have a BMP280 and a MPU 6050 both work on pro mini but I get no response from Femto. not even the " chip not found" messages when trying to run these example codes. have tried Adafruit libraries for both sensors, everything works. but just no luck with Femto.

Any suggestions where I can start looking ? I was not able to find same topic around the D21 chip set

Seemed to have found two related issues, working now, just weird

No Pullup resistors, added 12K on both lines
and Femto is not the correct board even tho windows/arduino automatically assigned Femto when installing

If you are not getting any response from the I2C devices on your Seed Femto D21 board, here are some things you can try:

Check your connections: Make sure that your connections between the Seed Femto D21 board and the I2C devices are correct and that the devices are getting power. Double-check the pin connections and make sure that you are connecting to the correct pins on the board.

Verify the I2C addresses: The I2C devices will have a unique address, which you can verify using an I2C scanner sketch. You can find an I2C scanner sketch in the Arduino IDE under File > Examples > Wire > scanner. Upload this sketch to your board and open the serial monitor. You should see the I2C addresses of any connected devices printed out.

I hope these suggestions help you get your I2C devices working on your Seed Femto D21 board!

Rachel Gomez