Seeed Code Rant

… OK this is my Seeed Code rant…

Can we PLEASE get code that actually works on these devices…

I just got a brand new XIAO and mmWave Sensor and I still have to spend like an hour to
debug the code dependancies and i still dont have it working yet!

I understand all the complexities, but this is plain rediculious!
I understand when products get older and I understand when new products come out… but for real
can you please make sure that the basic core XIAO stuff will work out of the box…

Its crazy frustrating and no one EVER does anything to fix! What da?

Why is the (D2 - TX, D3 - RX) on the mmWave Sensor when the XIAO Ecosystem is 6 and 7? what da?

Agreed. I am using an nRF52840, and on the getting started wiki, there is a spreadsheet that tells you what the pin definitions for various pins are. It is INCOMPLETE and also WRONG for several pins.
Specifically, the P0.14 and P0.31 pins.
P0.14 is listed as READ_BATT but is actually defined as READ_BATT_ENABLE
P0.31 is listed with nothing but is actually defined as VBATT

Hi there,
Just an FYI, Those where made pre current BSP"s which I’m sure you realize have changed and been updated, The WIKI is based on the first round is all.
What matters is what the PINS file has in the IDE, BTW.
GL :slight_smile: PJ