Seeed BLE Shield Android

I bought Seeed BLE Shield I would like to connect via android phone to check the status of an analog input. I tried to download HMBLEComAssistant.apk but does not work on my phone. Can I write an android application to connect to Seeed BLE Shield? I did not understand how to connect to the device. I have tried to discover the device but to no avail (the same test also from a linux pc).

Thank you

Did you put the jumpers on a right position?

We also have tried many Android API for BLE, but only this one(HMBLEComAssistant.apk) can work well with our product.



HMBLEComAssistant.apk works but only receive message don’t send. i have tested this code:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h> //Software Serial Port
#define RxD 2
#define TxD 3

SoftwareSerial BLE(RxD,TxD);

void setup() {
while (!Serial) {
; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for Leonardo only
pinMode(RxD, INPUT);
pinMode(TxD, OUTPUT);


void loop() {
char recvChar;
if(BLE.available()){//check if there’s any data sent from the remote BLE shield
recvChar =;
if(Serial.available()){//check if there’s any data sent from the local serial terminal, you can add the other applications here
recvChar =;

void setupBleConnection(){
BLE.begin(9600); //Set BLE BaudRate to default baud rate 9600
BLE.print(“AT+CLEAR”); //clear all previous setting
BLE.print(“AT+ROLE0”); //set the bluetooth name as a slaver
BLE.print(“AT+SAVE1”); //don’t save the connect information*/

I use arduino leonardo (1.5 and arduino ide serial monitor), If I send a message from the serial monitor that is received by Assistant.apk but if I try to send the message to HMBLEComAssistant.apk don’t works. even if I try to change pin BLE_RX don’t works.

Any Suggestions? I have made many attempts but without success.