Seeed 24ghz mmwave radar sensor

I using 24ghz mmwave radar sensor Human Static Presence Sensor with nodeMCU esp8266 but the result is so weird, like this>10:16:11.894 → rll��|�l�|�l�b|����r�b�b��nn�lnn���bp��lrlrlp�n
I have change baudrate between 9600 and 115200 , and then make sue everything is alright but it’s the same.

Hello, may I ask if you have chosen Serial1 to connect to the 24GHz mmwave? According to the documentation of ESP8266, Serial1 uses UART1, and the TX pin is GPIO2. However, UART1 cannot be used to receive data because its RX pin is usually occupied for flash chip connection.

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I using GPIO3 and GPIO1 but cannot be used to receive data.