Seeduino Xiao nrf52840 BLE range?

Hi. I would like to ask You about the range of ble that You can achieve? I am getting poor results even at 8 transmitting power. What is the estimated range outdoors without any obstacles within line of sight? I even tried to solder external antenna in place of stock antenna. With that antenna i am getting 70m max. With stock antenna it is maximum of 15-20 meters. Is it supposed to be that low? Thanks.

Hi, How you solder external antenna, I am getting just 3 meter range with the plastic enclosure without enclosure 10 . can you help me to get 70m range.

Thank you for response. Oh. So i see the Stock chip antenna is indeed garbage. First, set Tx power to 8. Desolder Stock antenna. Solder internal wire of the antenna pigtail to the small pad closer to the chip. Solder outer wire to the big pad with the capacitor. Attaching picture for reference.

Thank you for your response real appreciate it.

Do you know have any piece of code to set the TX power to 8. I am using circuit python.

Are you using arduino IDE to program this board ???

Hi. Arduino framework but i use platformio in vscode. I do not know how to use circuitpython but beware that even on tx power 8 Stock antenna is bad.

thank you, I am using the circuit python but I could not able to achieve the rage what you are getting. I am ready to migrate to platformio or arduino do you have sample code ???

Dear Adrian,

could you provide the basic example code with which you are achieving good range.

Thank you,
Sai Teja.