Seeduino xiao expansion board oled circuit not working correctly

Hello, I am developing a custom board using seeduino xiao expansion board circuit. But in my board the oled is not working correctly. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t works i.e. it is not getting on at all sometimes. The voltage is fine at supply. I also have a question in the seeduino expansion schematic are the I2C pins pull up and pull down both?

On the schematic for the XIAO Expansion Board there is an “XIAO” symbol that shows XIAO pin designations for connections at the socket. Just above this symbol it shows that the I2C lines are pulled up to 3.3 Volts with 4.7K resistors.



Hi i got those on the schematic and i have also implemented them on my custom PCB, but despite of those pull ups present in my circuit. The display is not working perfectly. It shows unreliable behavior that is sometimes it works and some times it doesn’t works.
I have used SSD 1315 driver IC , the details of the part used are :
Part Name: 0.96 inch PM OLED Module
Topovision Part I D: TVO12864B4-W
Ver C

If the pull up resistors are far from the display then will it affect the working?
Else what may be the cause of this failure, sometimes its works perfectly and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. I have used the same circuit for display as used in Seeduino expansion board in my board. Matched each component.

Please can anyone guide me.