Seeduino Stalker v328 upload


I am using a stalker v328 and a FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V -

Following this instruction - during upload under Arduino IDE 023 and 1.0 I always get the well known message 500 (programmer not responding).

Any solutions?

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Which bootloader is on stalker?
Which board did you use in arduino?


I am trying to use the Stalker in the Stand-Alone-Mode, not in Shield-Mode.

Concerning the bootloader I habe no idea. The Modell is labeled as “seeduino stalker v 328 12.18.2009”

Anyway there is a short response (blinking rx-LED) starting the upload. Then the avr 500 error (programmer not responding) appears.

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There is a known problem with the Arduino programming software. The following is a portion of a post from the

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