Seeduino Stalker + Grove base shield

Hi, why may not work correctly the connectors, no pins side, of base shield when the stalker have 3.6v battery supply?

Dear customer,

There is a power chip convention 5v to 3.3v when you supply at battery port.
Anyway also you can use 5v battery at battery port, but it can’t charge power from stalker.

If you want base shield work at 5V that you should use 5V battery to connect USB5V and GND to supply. Then your base shield would work at 5V

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but why when I use the UartSBee with 3v3, the base shield work correctly?

Hi there,

The base shield work with others Grove sensor or anther something.
Depend what you plug on it, sometime some Grove also can work at 3.3V.
Base shield just supply some port and power, but you need check Stalker should work correctly.