Seeduino Power without USB

When using Seeduino without USB is is acceptable to provide ONLY 3.3V and leave 5V connection unconnected?

Hi @jeffsnell, You can use the DC power jack, It allows your Seeeduino board to be powered from a wall adapter so that you can supply more power to your project if needed. For example, when using DC motors or other high power devices. The DC input can be 7V-15V and the Slide switch is used to change the logic level and operating voltage of the board to either 5V or 3.3V.

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Sorry Salman - I meant to indicate I was asking about Seeduino XIAO - Thank you for your reply

In that case, The XIAO Comes with a built-in DC-DC converter circuit able to change 5V voltage into 3.3V allows to power the device with a 5V supply via VIN-PIN and 5V-PIN. so you can give 3.3V and leave the 5V connection unconnected.