Seeduino 2.21 AT168p cant upload project.


I just received the Grove Toy Kit with the Seeeduino Board. I´m trying to upload some projects to the Seeeduino Board with the Arduino software, and the software doesn´t responds. It seems there is a program preloaded with serial port printing, but on the serial monitor appears nothing (the TX light is flashing constantly).

The seeduino boards appears in COM8 as a generic USB host, and i´ve selected the Duemilanova 168 as board.

Any ideas what could be happening? the Arduino One on the other hand works perfect with the same config.

thanks a lot.

Allready solved!

The problem was the board selection, instead of the Duemilanove 168 like the wiki said, it works with the Arduino NG or older with 168,
I´ll leave the post in case someone else needs this info.